About Us:

KPMG operates as a global network of independent member firms offering audit, tax and advisory services, working closely with clients helping them to mitigate risks and grasp opportunities. KPMG member firms can be found in 155 countries. Collectively they employ more than 174,000 people across a range of disciplines.

KPMG LLC is the Isle of Man member firm that first opened its office in 1978 and has steadily grown to now employ over 100 people across audit, tax and advisory.

What we do:

The VAT regulations in the EU are complex particularly in respect of the use and charter of superyachts. This is due mainly to the nature of the business in that it can span a number of different EU jurisdictions.

KPMG Isle of Man has been advising on the VAT implications of importation and use of superyachts for over 15 years. We have access to a network of advisors located in different EU countries that specialise in VAT and these resources can be pooled to ensure you receive comprehensive and totally independent advice.

Whether considering using the yacht in the EU under temporary importation, using a leasing scheme or chartering the yacht, KPMG can advise on the options, the conditions that need to be complied with and the risks.

KPMG are also ideally placed to assist if you are financing the purchase of a yacht and want a second opinion or independent confirmation of the VAT treatment. Additionally we have employment tax specialists who can advise on tax issues for crew.

Our Core Services:

  • Tax/VAT Advisors

Contact Details:

Paul Cawley, Director – Tax
Heritage Court, 41 Athol Street
Douglas, Isle of Man,
IM99 1HN, British Isles
Telephone: +44 1624 681006
Website: www.kpmg.co.im

Other office locations: KPMG member firsm have offices in over 155 countries.


Posted on

24th April 2018