Yacht Registration & Flag State Compliance 

The choice of registry is important when considering under which flag to register a vessel. The state chosen determines how a vessel will be treated in the countries and ports it visits, therefore a number of factors require significant consideration. 

Registering a vessel can therefore feel like a daunting and complex task however, with a comprehensive understanding of the industry and years of experience assisting owners and their representatives understanding the diverse requirements associated with ownership, registration and management, there are members of Isle of Man Maritime that can both guide and assist you on the registration of your vessel as well as its flag state compliance. 

At the core of the Island’s maritime industry is an award-winning ship registry, home to a portfolio of clients including many of the world’s blue-chip ship owners and prestigious superyachts. 

A member of the red ensign group the Isle of Man Ship Registry is one of the world’s leading registers and often a flag of choice for owners looking for quality flag administration and the very best in client service 

The register is run by a dedicated team of professionals and backed by sophisticated electronic systems, making it quick and efficient to register a vessel. Its on-line systems also provide for a smooth process.  

With 24/7 response and a growing network of surveyors in key locations, the Ship Registry provides a swift response to allow owners and managers to keep their ships operating in a competitive global industry. 

An ISO 9001 and 14000 certified organisation, the Ship Registry operates efficiently and consistently to exceed the standards expected of a modern Flag State.  

With its in-house technical expertise, the register provides advice and regulatory oversight for the ships and yachts on the register, in a pragmatic and commercially sensitive manner. 

Backed by a Government which strongly supports the maritime sector, the Registry is operated on a cost-neutral platform, allowing its fee structure to be extremely competitive. 

Services include:  

  • International Yacht Registration
  • Flag Administration
  • Certification
  • Surveys
  • Flag State Inspections
  • Flag State Compliance
  • 24/7 Emergency Response
  • Out of Hours Registration
  • Ship Representative Person

There are also a large number of vessel management and administration businesses among our members that can cater for the growing demand for Manx registered vessels. They can assist with ensuring local management and control remains in place, VAT administration, insurance and brokerage arrangements, chartering and all manner of registration and structure maintenance. 

The Island boasts a number of benefits for those who choose to register their vessel there. This together with the support, technical knowledge and experience of our members, it really does offer high quality and superb service at a low cost. Why would you want to register anywhere else? 

For more information, please speak to one of our members below: 

Contact: Sarah Lisy
Email: sarah.lisy@gov.im
Website: www.iomshipregistry.com
Contact: Kate Shaw
Website: www.affinityco.com
Contact: Oscar Brown
Contact: Rachael Hughes
Contact: Lesley-Anne Walker


Isle of Man Maritime Limited is a not-for-profit organisation, which was formed to develop, support and promote the Isle of Man’s growing maritime sector. 

For more information on Isle of Man Maritime or our Membership, contact membership@maritime.im.