About Us:

InterManager was founded originally under the name ISMA (International Ship Managers’ Association) in 1991.

ISMA was originally formed to improve standards and achieve a safer, more environmentally conscious, reliable and controllable ship management industry. This continues to be the aim of InterManager today.

The example of the ISMA Code triggered a continuing quality movement of as yet unknown proportions, with classification societies introducing their own codes, shipowners adapting codes designed for the production industry, and IMO adopting the ISMA Code for mandatory implementation by flag states as Chapter IX of the SOLAS Convention.

What we do:

Our Mission Statement:

  • To federate and serve the needs of all companies an organisations involved in the management and crewing of ships
  • To encourage the highest standards of ship operations, through innovation, creativity and the sharing of knowledge
  • To provide a platform for discussion on matters of common interest
  • To be the common voice of ship managers in the international forums and with international regulators
  • To advocate efficiency, quality and ethics in ship management
  • To promote a career of seafaring

Our Core Services:

  • Crew Management
  • Ship Management
  • Yacht Management

Contact Details:

Kuba Szymanski, Secretary – General
12 Brisbane Street
Douglas, Isle of Man,
IM1 3JJ, British Isles
Telephone: +44 7624 498266
Website: www.intermanager.org



Posted on

17th June 2019