About Us:

Boston’s heritage is unique and stems from a single-family office which was originally formed to look after three generations of the founding family, including everything from asset allocation and next generation education through to managing various estates and venture capital interests. Based on demand from intermediaries and other wealthy families, Boston grew into a commercial multi-family office providing boutique administration services from offices in the Isle of Man, Malta, and the Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC).
Whilst no longer owned by the founding family our private ownership heritage, mixed with a cautious service diversification strategy, ensures that we are independent, impartial in our advice, and agile in responding to client needs. Our heritage has always been to offer a high level of professional service and form deep relationships with our clients, who are typically high net worth individuals, international entrepreneurs and family offices.

What we do:

Our dedicated yachting and marine team offer international, efficient, confidential and compliant services to our yachting clients including:

• Formation and comprehensive administration of yacht ownership structures.
• Multi-jurisdictional yacht registration services.
• Management of ownership structure and financial reporting.
• Establishment of tailored VAT efficient structure, and VAT administration services.
• Provision of industry updates and information.

Whether you own or are purchasing or maintaining a yacht, careful planning and management can yield reduce and in some cases total recovery of VAT paid. The use of the yacht is vital when considering your options; those available to private yacht owners are different to a commercially operated yacht. The physical location of a yacht also determines which VAT rate is applied upon purchase or importation.

EU VAT regulations do change from time to time. Our experienced team are here at every step

Our Core Services:

  • Accountants
  • Corporate/Trust Service Providers
  • Private Jets & Helicopters
  • Tax/VAT Advisors

Contact Details:

Rachael Hughes, Business Development Manager
Boston Multi Family Office
2nd Floor, St Mary’s Court, 20 Hill Street,
Douglas, Isle of Man,
IM1 1EU, British Isles
Telephone: +44 1624 692930
Website: www.bostonmfo.com



Posted on

24th April 2018