Marine IT, Telecommunications & Cybersecurity 

The Isle of Man is home to number of leading companies that provide maritime satellite telecommunications, IT support, networks, tracking & email systems and cyber security services to the superyacht industry. 

In a fast moving and highly complex sector, modern-day yacht owners and their Captains are looking for customised and cost effective hardware, software and internet-based solutions for their vessels. Some of our Members have been providing these services for over two decades, adding a level of experience unsurpassed within the market. Taking great care in understanding every client’s specific requirements, their expertise covers the full range of yachts from small pleasure yachts to 100+m commercial yachts. 

The Island is also home to service providers offering 4G data solutions that are some of the most competitive om the market. 

These comprehensive and proactive IT support services are provided by teams of professional and qualified engineers, who have the ability to monitor off-vessel connections, onboard networks, hardware and AV systems from their Network Operation centres here on the Island.  

Innovative solutions allow for the proactive detection of faults and rectifying of problems remotely before they are noticed by crew and guests. Support is provided quickly and efficiently, whether it be maintaining networks, performing updates or ensuring backups run smoothly, all of which can be done with no disruption to crew equipment resulting in a yacht that can continue to operate effectively, safe in the knowledge that the vessel is continually being looked after. 

In today’s digital world, data security and privacy are a primary concern to Yacht Owners, Managers and Captains. It is therefore important that the feel confident that their cyber strategy, defences and recovery capabilities will protect them. With cyber-attacks ever more focused, ambitious and precise than ever, owners and their assets are more at risk than ever. Effective risk management requires specialist skills and the Isle of Man is home to a vast number of business savvy cyber security professionals able to provide assistance to owners and their captains trying to navigate the digital landscape. 

The diversity of services required within today’s maritime industry means that Owners need a service provider that ”gets it’. Our Isle of Man Maritime members have the experience, technical knowledge and qualifications to meet these needs.

  • Satellite Communications & E-mail
  • Website Development & Hosting
  • Network Design, Upgrade & Implementation (including Cisco, Microsoft & Kerio)
  • 4G SIMS with unlimited Roaming Data.
  • IT Support including remote support software to ensure efficiency of all systems on-board
  • Installations, including new builds and refit / upgrade projects.
  • Cyber Protection and monitoring services
  • Cyber Security & Risk Management Policy compliant with IMO guidelines
  •  Software Development & Project Management for online business systems
  • Bespoke Platform Solutions for the public and private sector.

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