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About Us:

Tapiit Live was formed in 2019 to apply the quality and experience of classroom training, combine it with benefits of e-learning and deliver this through interactive live-streaming solutions. Tapiit Live is an ultimate virtual room allowing you to attend a course or an event on your laptop, tablet, or phone without losing real time interaction.

Tapiit Live and technology solutions allow us to pursue our views and passion for better, more efficient education and welfare services for the maritime communities around the world. We are committed to delivering the best quality solutions and tailored approach to everything we do.

What we do:

Maritime training is extremely specialised and therefore in many cases it is only available in certain locations. High quality classroom-based training incurs high tangible costs of travel and accommodation. Those costs can sometimes make up to 80% of that training budget, while seafarers and maritime professionals waste their valuable time during their leave in order to attend the training. It is also common knowledge that e-learning is sometimes misused due to its limitations and lack of interaction. Notwithstanding the emphasis being placed on maritime and other global industries to reduce their carbon footprint.

Live training eliminates any tangible costs, such as travel and accommodation, while providing an opportunity to train more people and enjoy the benefits of time and cost efficiency. Tapiit Live is applying the quality and experience of classroom training, combining it with the benefits of online tools and delivering this through interactive live streamed sessions.

Our Core Services:

  • Maritime Training

Contact Details:

Anastasia Hurst, Manager
Tapiit Ltd
First Floor, Skanco Court
Cooil Road
Douglas, Isle of Man
IM2 2SR, British Isles
Telephone: +44 151 433 6125
Website: www.tapiitlive.com



Posted on

6th July 2021