Polaris Media Management Limited

About Us:

Polaris media is a maritime and engineering specialist PR firm. Established in 2011 on Merseyside we now have a national and international client base ranging from China Classification Society, Port of Gdansk, Isle of Man Ship registry, Oman Shipping, ACL, IBM and Liverpool Seafarers Centre.

What we do:

Seven reasons to undertake a Polaris PR campaign:

  • Reputation. Every business depends on its reputation for survival. Your clients, team, investors and the media all have an opinion and perceptions drive decisions. A good reputation gives you a competitive edge. PR looks after your reputation influencing attitudes and behaviour building good relations, earning understanding and support.
  • Awareness. We can grow your profile in local, national and international mainstream media and social media. We can increase understanding of how you want to be known, your ethos, your story of triumphs and adversity overcome, what makes your services unique.
  • Win business and create opportunities. PR reaches a mass audience and throws the door open to new business leads, new people and new opportunities.
  • Key People. Build the profile of your founder and senior team as key people of influence in your niche. Demonstrate through PR that your team are credible, expert and known for making a positive difference to projects they become involved in.
  • Business value. ¬†PR can increase the value of your business for sale or investment attracting potential buyers. Over time PR can help you increase your price points demonstrating the quality of your team and benefits of your services.
  • Protect. We can shield your business in a crisis. Planning is key ensuring you are trained and prepared to manage the media when things go wrong.
  • Higher purpose. We can help you identify an inspiring ethos and bold message that will galvanise your team, clients and stakeholders. What is the change you want to drive in the world or your industry?

Our Core Services:

  • PR & Marketing

Contact Details:

Ben Pinnington, Managing Director
Polaris Media Management Limited
Jactin House, 24 Hood Street
M6 4WX, United Kingdom
Telephone: +44 151 550 4710
Website: www.polarismedia.co.uk



Posted on

7th January 2021