eXXpedition: 14 Women, 3000 Nautical Miles, 1 Mission across a Plastic Ocean

26th February 2020 @ 4:00 pm – 6:00 pm
The Embassy Room, Douglas Quay
Lesley Walker
07624 302303

Ever wondered what it’s like to travel across the densest accumulation of marine plastic in the world, the Great Pacific Garbage Patch?

Our guest speaker, Rowan Henthorn, will discuss the vital work she did as one of the lead scientists on board and what the experience has taught her about life on land and what we can all do as individuals as well as a society, to turn the tide on plastic pollution.

Rowan is a marine scientist that grew up on the Isle of Man, where her initial fascination with the sea began.

Much of her life so far has revolved around her devotion to the ocean and sharing that passion with others. Working as a marine scientist has taken Rowan all over the world, where she has been lucky enough to witness some of the most breath-taking ocean beauty, but also some of the most devastating effects of our destructive ways.

Most recently Rowan sailed across one of the most remote areas on earth, through the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, to gather evidence and analyse the impact of plastics in our oceans.

Back on land Rowan has been working on projects relating to plastics, climate change and ocean conservation and she is passionate about making the world a better place through knowledge, thought and action.